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Dec 20, 2011

Fair warning. Intense political content to follow.

The two upcoming posts are purely political, my end of a small dialog with a university professor. (As Mayor Daly the would have characterized it, "We've been boyhood friends all our lives.")  So if you're not much interested in poltics, I recommend skipping them.

Me? I try to remember that politics is how we decide, for instance, if I may keep alittle of what I earn. Or own a LeMat without a permission slip from Eric Holder.  I think that makes it kind of important.

Aug 26, 2011

Quick as a flash; Iowa caucuses 2012

Governor Pataki has announced that he will not come visit us here in Ioway tomorrow. We are deeply saddened.

Well to heck with him. Refusing our hospitality gets him booted from your must-read list of people we might allow to succeed His Obamaness. 

We will not accept the excuse that George read the work of a small-time local blogger and decided the revelations  made our caucuses a hopeless cause.

There's an achieve-but-not-maintain joke in here somewhere, but it isn't worth reaching for.

Aug 12, 2011

Ron Paul and the Seven Dwarfs

No one laid a glove on him last night, but, then, no one really tried to box him into a corner. Paul was his usual thoughtful self which is good for the national intellect, not so good for getting elected.

No one but Rick (I'm holier than Michele, honest) Santorum even swung hard, and he drew boos for saying Paul's Fed stance was "mostly wrong."

It's all background noise now, of course. The debate spin cycle has just a few more hours to run, and by the time the straw poll opens tomorrow the electrical teevee will overload circuits with news of Rick (I'm even holier than Santorum, plus I can do arithmetic and have cooler hair) Perry.

It is no longer about policy. It's about buses from the boondocks to Ames, full of people who made up their minds long ago. Paul has spent money on this little beauty contest. He has the buses and a much better organization than 2007. In the data-free expectations charades, he's tabbed to finish in the top three with Michele and Somebody Else.  The better he does, the more pressure on media types to  quit snickering every time someone uses the term liberty. 

(There are no polls about this straw poll. The universe is too small, the expected turnout ranging from just under 14,000 to maybe 18,000.)


Rocinante is saddled and I've scrubbed rust from the lance.  A new edition of the TSA windmill identification guide is at hand. The house sitter/dog handler arrives shortly.  I am putting aside my general disinclination to join groups larger than 30,000 and attend receptions where people in shined Florsheims notice your necktie.  If this doesn't pay off in at least one belly laugh and several heartfelt grins, I am going to be one pissed off old war hose.