Jan 3, 2009

Gaza Redux

Our Leaders want us to get all het up about Gaza -- less than eight miles wide, about 25 miles long, 139 square miles, about twice the size of Washington, D.C. So a less genteel  observer than I  might crudely refer to it as a pissant little place.

But "Oh, the humanity!" 

It's true that some 1.5 million Gazoids live there, many (most?) of them slavishly following religio-statist nitwits dedicated to making general international  pests of themselves in a gory manner. Whether that sort of herd needs thinning is an open question, depending largely on one's personal  approach to humanitarianism.

(However, no one need necessarily  conclude that, even if it's a good idea to depopulate  pissant little places full of nitwits, Washington should be on the list.)


Jan 1, 2009


The rockets fly in the Negev again, and World Leaders are franticly warning that we all must do something. TMR suggests real countries release the following joint communique:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Middle East:

We note with sadness your most recent altercation in the vicinity of The Gaza Strip and would be pleased to see it concluded promptly and amicably.  However, should a cordial modus vivendi be beyond your diplomatic skills and/or emotional resources, we  tender our regrets and hereby request that you advise us when your problems are resolved. At that point we shall be delighted to initiate relationships with those citizens of your nations, if any,  who remain vertical.

(signature of World Leaders)

A Gun Girl

Over on the right you'll see a new blog added, Roberta of Herb Shriner country. She's linked here mostly because of a Dec. 26 post lambasting the doowhackadoos who spend their lives trolling the net on behalf of one ism or another, and she has a point.
She's also a member of the on-line Gungal clan which is becoming one of the more entertaining reasons to own a computer. 

Happy New Year; Now Let's Get Organized

There's a good deal of plain wise-assery in The McGee Reader, and no change is foreseen. But crude and vulgar bile promulgated to the public should rest on some kind of philosophical and intellectual basis, to wit:

Three  kinds of people exist. 

(1) authoritarians -- the stunted cretins who  wish to use government to dictate the manner in which you live your  life

(2) libertarians -- the opposite, believers in personal sovereignty who suspect that things like the United States Constitution mean pretty much what they say

(3) inerts -- those who, in return for potted chickens,  put authoritarians in power