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Oct 2, 2011

Indianapolis blog meet

I was fun to be there with a select group of mostly Indianapolis writers. RobertaX has the complete report. 

Bobbi is utterly charming. You already knew that from her writing, but face-to-face confirmation is always a bonus.

Tam was AWOL, playing with her guns, never mind that I slaved over a hot cruise-control for 700 miles in hopes she'd be one of the good folks I'd meet.


It was part of a much longer trip, and I have a note or two to pass on about motoring in America, but I promise to spare you a report on what I did on my vacation.

Feb 15, 2011

Folks Shouldn't Mess with Sam's Mom

I have my doubts about single-action revolvers as basic home defense guns, but in Bea's case I'll keep them to myself.

Bea weighs 110 pounds and keeps a .45 Black Hawk convertible handy around the house. She's proficient, and I'd hate to be the clerk who eyeballs her svelte frame bent over the handgun case and volunteers that she needs that lady-like .32.

It's a delightful read, over at Stranded in Iowa's place. 

EDIT: In case you didn't  follow the links (BAD Reader. BAD.Go to your kennel.)  Bea happens to be 77 years old.  When she needs a little more .45 ammo, she polices  the firing line and reloads the cases.

Jan 1, 2009

A Gun Girl

Over on the right you'll see a new blog added, Roberta of Herb Shriner country. She's linked here mostly because of a Dec. 26 post lambasting the doowhackadoos who spend their lives trolling the net on behalf of one ism or another, and she has a point.
She's also a member of the on-line Gungal clan which is becoming one of the more entertaining reasons to own a computer.