Aug 31, 2011

Why we're broke

Y'know, Sweetheart, you really shouldn't drop your business card on the island when you're using the citizens' credit card to fill up the citizens' car while you're on the citizens' clock, on your way to some place where they need a little consulting and managing.
Some nosy ex-reporter may pick it up, read it, and get to wondering, "What the heck does this woman actually DO for a living?" 

Beware of open carry

--If  you left your SW Model 59 in the truck and

--If you walk out to fetch it and

--If if it seems too much bother to tuck it into your waist band, out of sight and

--If you sort of let it hang down along your leg so as not to seem to be "brandishing" to nosy neighbors and

-- If your excitable young Labmaraner is jumping and prancing around you, licking at everything she can reach and

--If she can reach the gun for slobbering purposes and

--If you lay the 59 on a shelf before wiping it down and

--If you forget to wipe it down for two days, then

-- You will have a substantial rust spot on your blue steel slide,  proving beyond doubt that dog saliva does not contain WD40.

Aug 29, 2011

Illinois concealed carry -- changing the debate

No, we didn't actually lose everything when Illinois lawmakers turned down a CCW bill, and Don at  Push the Pull Door explains it.

The essence is that forcing the argument into a framework of individual freedom and responsibility is an important incremental  victory*, but Don's piece handles it in sharp and cogent detail.  I suggest reading the whole thing even though it's  an older post I just ran across. He is now on the TMR blog roll.


*Remind anyone else of Ron Paul' progress?

Aug 28, 2011

Oh for God's sake...

Borepatch zeros in on a bit of government hypocrisy and backs his case with a link to a Barack (I DO TOO create jobs!) Obama pledge to dump stupid federal regulations.

Mr. President, you missed one or two.

Still grumpy over that stupid gun show experience yesterday, I went to the BATFE site and doodled around in the half-cured Bondo  describing the  process of getting a C and R license. I learned:

Only Elmer Fudd rates a federal firearms license. PDF alert. It is the application form which demands to know  if you hold a valid hunting license. You check a yes box or  no box. Be careful:

1.  If you answered "NO," you likely cannot lawfully possess a firearm and therefore cannot be a federal firearms licensee. 

The godawful free-range idiocy of that doesn't need elaboration for anyone who ever devoted three neuron-seconds to firearms issues. All I can figure is that the feds are in a tizzy to keep broom-handle Mausers out of the hands of PETA activists.

The form also requires you to list your race. And here I sit all embarrassed for believing all these years that my betters in Washington were sweating blood to create a color-blind America.