Oct 2, 2011

Indianapolis blog meet

I was fun to be there with a select group of mostly Indianapolis writers. RobertaX has the complete report. 

Bobbi is utterly charming. You already knew that from her writing, but face-to-face confirmation is always a bonus.

Tam was AWOL, playing with her guns, never mind that I slaved over a hot cruise-control for 700 miles in hopes she'd be one of the good folks I'd meet.


It was part of a much longer trip, and I have a note or two to pass on about motoring in America, but I promise to spare you a report on what I did on my vacation.

Oct 1, 2011

The Tyranny of the Happy Camper

Well, of course I rate a place at the table. We're camping. You're cooking. You wanna hurry it up a little?

Shot while packing

Iowa taxpayers thoughtfully provide a scenic site for a returnee to retrieve his empty hi-cap 9mm  from "locked storage" and slap in a magazine heavy with protective pills.  The photographer memorializes the time and place (hard by the I-80 bridge) with his SW59 securely in his waistband.

Foreground is Hawkeye Free Soil. On the far side of the Mississippi River lies enslaved and disarmed (but I repeat myself) Illinois.

I wouldn't want to live there, but Illinois...

... is  great place to take a dump.

As Travis McGee said about a similarly palatial public building, "They will never live in a place so fine unless they contract something incurable."