Oct 2, 2012

Further vicarous air adventures

The Evil Empire flight on which my two loved ones were booked has arrived safely in New York City.  In just a few hours they will embark on a Sphincter Air flight westward. I figure that at an average over-the-ground speed of 400 knots, they are about an hour away from those protections of the United States Constitution I mentioned.

They of course don't carry phar ahrms, although recent news suggests the Tee Ess Aye might not notice, one way or the other.  On the other hand, If you're reading this, Kids, I would caution against being spotted in Bloombergia with sugary drinks in hand. "Step away from the Mountain Dew Ma'am. You have the right to remain...".


Oct 1, 2012

Still A Long Way Home, eh, Supertramp?

I exhale part of the long-held breath because the author of The World's Greatest Travel Blog is supposed to be on dry land again today. Still in the heart of the Evil Empire, she and her man are at least out of the clutches of the Volga River pirates. According to the schedule, they're  just a few hours away from their Aeroflot ride from Red Squaresville to New York .

I always like it when they return to the the remaining, residual protections of the United States Constitution. Too, I suppose any father is somewhat happier when his offspring leave a nation where there is brisk free-market commerce in leftover nuclear devices.

Aye! Carrumba! Es no Colt

The guy outbid me and others and was smug at winning the Colt 1901,one of the earliest double-action revolvers in general U.S. military service. Except it wasn't.

Barrel inscription: ".38 Spc or U.S. Service Ctg." No other markings visible.

Those danged Latinos again.

This particular gun seemed tight enough. It probably would discharge a cartridge. Otherwise it scored about 9,5 on the one-to-ten ugly scale.  Still, it would have been fun to have on the wall for a price less extravagant than  $155. If nothing else I could make up a nice yarn about having had it analyzed by a crack metallurgist who confirmed it was made of melted Arbuckle's cans.

I can't explain the  ".38 Spc" except by speculating that the Mexican (or possibly Spanish) gun maker knocked it off after about 1909, by which time everyone still  devoted the the . c. .357 diameter bullet gave up on the .38 Long Colt and started  chambering these revolver types for .38 Special.


A middlin' High Standard HD,  4-inch heavy-barrel version, brought $$320, and I  am middlin' regretful I didn't make the other guy pay quite a little more.

For the tenth month...

She's a little out of character for this label. Too young, for one thing, and neither glamorous nor alluring in the Garbo/Bacall sense. But since WWCO has recently been trying to feature a womanage named for each new month, it's the best your author can do. She's not even named right. Few girls are called "October," and Ms. Bush earns her place here because she once played an October in a movie.

On the other hand, she's pretty enough in the Hefner usage of the word, and she  seems ply her trade with her intimacies left to the imagination.  This is about as skinny as she gets.

Next month will be even harder, so if any of youse guys can think of a candidate named November, I'll appreciate a leg up.