Sep 15, 2009

The trip starts when you begin stocking the book locker with appropriate reading and research matter. So. for everyone who has been in my house in the past two years: Where are the rest of my Rocky Mountain fur trade books? I warn you that I can be a mean SOB when aroused.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of RMFTBs, you recommended one to me a couple of years ago. The info got lost. Refresh, please. JAGSC

Jim said...

I can't remember which of two I suggested. It would have been either

--"A Majority of Scoundrels" by Don Berry or

--"Give Your heart to the Hawks" by Winfred Blevins.

Both are well-written (IMO) introductions to the c. 1820-1840 trade. Blevins is stronger on the personal experience of the mountain man. Berry is probably better on the business side of the operation, but they're both fun and, as far as I can tell, an accurate reflection of what went on our there.