Sep 15, 2009

Veritable Arsenal

This jaunt is not overly planned, but I suspect we're looking at about two or three thousand miles through the barren waste lands of the great American desert. My bestiaries report a land of vipers and sagebrush, grizzly bears and wolves; ethnographic studies reveal a populace quick to retaliate against violent provocation.

So I feel pretty good about things and don't really see a need to be armed to the extent necessary for an excursion down South Halstead Street in Chicago. And since guns get kicked around severely on my camping trips, the prettier ones stay home.

For what it is worth, here's one man's concept of a well-stocked arms locker for a few days on the great prairie and in the Rockies when no hunting is planned.

--For general pleasure and common pest control, the Smith 59, just because I'm comfortable with it, like having 28 rounds easily available in its two magazines, and a few more dings aren't going to set my tear ducts flowing. This will be a fine chance to shoot up all the remaining ancient reloads. I don't worry about the pipsqueak caliber because I figure the odds of trouble are slim.

--In case I'm wrong about that last point, the 20-inch Mossberg 500 with with five rounds of 12 gauge 00 buck in the magazine and five more in the stock band.

--A .22LR semi, maybe the Winchester 74, maybe one of the 10-22s. There is no place like the Wyoming/Montana plains for just plain plinking fun.

That arsenal should be veritable enough, though I'm beginning to flay myself for not planning on a Winchester 94 or a single six. How can a self-respecting man go to the shadow of the Big Horns without a cowboy gun?


JohnW said...

If you find yourself down around the GMA I've got a spare 94 I get let ya have the borry of...

Anonymous said...

The Win. 74 is a wonderful choice. I liked the one I had in my salad days to much that I hunted one down at local gun shows to scratch the nostalgic itch. JAGSC

Jim said...

I don't think I'll get that far south, John, but a guy who will lend you a rifle is a friend to be cherished. I tookmy M94 out a few weeks ago and put some of the little squibs through it (a little Unique, c. 90-grain cast bullets. Great fun and not really much leading.)

JAGs-- The 74 it is.
Without taking much away from the 10-22, those old Winchester .22s just feel more like a gun.