Dec 15, 2009

Australia Fair

Down Under has decided to go for it, purity in thought, deed, and download. Despite disarming every law-abiding citizen in the nation, the government remains fearful.

The Aussie feds announce this week that they will seek new laws requiring ISPs to block "harmful material. " So far -- and as far as the politicians down there admit -- the definition covers pretty much just child porn, violent sex, and details on how to do bad criminal things. (Say, adjust the sights on a Daisy Red Ryder?)

By natural authoritarian progression, the definition will expand to any internet statement disputing the official government position that government is not an ass.

Coincidentally, Aussie scientists have discovered a small octopus smart enough to drag two coconut half shells home and reassemble them into a nice hideout.

Next time Australia is looking for a leader, I suggest the octopus.

1 comment:

Tennessee Budd said...

I saw the octopus story, too. I suspect it's overqualified for the job.