Dec 14, 2009

Shooting: Pre-Weaver

Two large hands encasing one svelte Huntsman is just wrong. The urge is...

 turn 90 degrees to the target, slip your left hand in your pocket, convert the shooting arm into oaken bough, inhale, let it half out, and squeeeeezzze.

Don't laugh. It's vintage. A shooting style with a patina.


Jim said...

I'm commenting on my own blog entry so as to add information without spoiling the lines of the original. :)

The pistol is an early Colt Huntsman with the bluing splotchy, the result of carriage in a tool box. The innards are lovely, a $250 steal at another one of those small shows.

The sailor is displaying the range stance we used back in the days when we could -- and were allowed to -- actually win wars. This example is from 1943, "The Bluejacket's manual."

Having gone slightly nuts in 2008, I am resolved that this Colt is the final gun purchase for a very long time

Jim said...

Make that 2009, please.