Dec 28, 2009


One of Marlin's lesser-known .22 rimfires, the Model 38, built from c. 1920-1930.  It is a slight variation on the earlier Model 32.  This is the octagon barrel version with a very quick takedown; you slide what appears to be a tang safety backwards a little and you instantly have half a rifle in each hand. And that's probably why I own this  example. At a 2006 auction the  front half appeared  in a cardboard  box with seven or eight old SW, H&R, and Iver Johnson revolvers --  project or parts  guns. Sixty-five bucks bought all, and then, three weeks ago,  Marlin serendipity  batted  her lovely eyes. A fellow  I know delivered a complete back half. I doubt this one  is likely to be for sale. Some things just look right, feel right, shoot right. You keep them  -- gun, horse, truck,or woman. :)

The gun content here is a little thin, but it occurred to me that I could conceal some running gear on this  Walnut whazis  with a once-fired  Ma Deuce empty, trimmed to specifications deemed field expedient.

It was  a special order from a little girl I know. Merry Christmas.

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