Mar 18, 2010


The President of the United States of America said:

"I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the procedural rules of the House or the Senate."

I post it without much comment in the understanding that some will recognize the magnitude of the arrogant evil, others will shrug "Huh, so what?"


Dave said...

Yeah, well, my Congresswoman screeched the following into a bullhorn yesterday at a health care rally: "Grandma is not shovel ready."

So I guess Obama's desire to kill my grandmother is more troubling personally than his apparent disrespect for Congressional rule of law. That's the situation today, anyway.

Jim said...

His Obamaness doesn't want to kill our grandmas. He is +indifferent+ to our grandmas (and you and me, too) except as a symbol which he can manipulate. Your congresswoman -- who, instead, really ought to be peddling a skin cream on wee-hours cable -- has identical motivations.

Classic demagogues come from left and right, and they all hate those pesky restrictions which add up to a government of laws rather than men.