Mar 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The result of a hard day's puttering. Pride has a comparative element, and the place looks impressive only to those intimately involved in sweeping up and hauling out just under ten gallons of sawdust. That became landscaping material. Another two or three five-gallon pails, full of this and that, are on their way to the landfill.

Having certain acquisitive and retentive traits leads to clutter, but I applied Step 2 of my program, asking frequently: "What's the worst thing that can happen if I toss this box of crap?" Usually the answer was "A trip to town on the virtually non-existent chance you someday really need (a short piece of web cargo strap; a rusted Taiwanese center punch; a coffee can stuffed with audio cable and RCA plugs, etc.") The payoff is the ability to find things like my hammer and the drill press.


Lisa said...

Why isn't the federal government spending billions for a War on Entropy? Where's our Entropy Czar? Our Midnight Dusting Leagues? I could get behind that.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in this vast and wonderful; land where the United States of America used to be, a supporter of His Obamaness has just read your words.

He or she is looking up the word "entrophy" and is scratching his or her head in deep thought preparatory to exclaiming, "Yeah, Baby. Dat entroPEE's some bad tish and we gotta have a program."

Aren't you sorry you brought it up?

Aren't you glad someone told m e about how a dyslectic spells s**t?

Dad -- on the office computer at last, but having forgotten his google account password