May 17, 2010


...being, Gentle Reader, a sort of post script to the previous post which detailed no more than a simple refurbishment of a canoe paddle.

One thing led to another, and I am finally, at this late hour, inside the house and preparing my supper. In the rear view mirror of the day is a second paddle refinished, a fresh set of shelves for the storage closet built, rewiring the new drum sander, and a small beginning on some overdue lawn care.

This sort of thing must be controlled. When a man sets out to loaf the day away, he ought to have the character to follow through.


Jinglebob said...

Ahh, great words!

Jim said...

I'm trying again today, JB, but it ain't looking good. The danged paddles were just leaning there, glaring at me. So I gave 'em the final coat. Now I think I hear the grass grumping about all the dandelions.