May 17, 2010

Shop Tip

A non-gun auction yesterday left me with some new tool-toys and a slightly worn Feather canoe paddle long enough for my 6' 1".* I decided to add a metal tip to the paddle, the better to misuse it pushing off rocks and so forth.

It didn't take too long with thin aluminum, copper nails,** and a half-ounce of Gorilla Glue. That leads to today's tip: When you get the Gorilla Glue all over your fingers -- and you will -- you must instantly wash your hands with gasoline, followed by an SAE10-30 rinse. A few minutes later you can use soap and water. Failure to heed this advice will result in social embarrassment for several days. That stuff is more tenacious than epoxy.

* Harder than it sounds. You want a canoe paddle that reaches from your toes to your nose. Most of them you find in the racks are too short.

** Yes, I know about electrolysis. Three coats of varnish should take care of it.

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