May 25, 2010

M1 Carbine-- just milsurp junk

As we all know, the M1  Carbine is  a sloppy WW2 make-do, a substitute for the pistol and designed to permit the untrained citizen soldier  to inconvenience the enemy to a slightly greater degree than permitted by his  1911A1 skills.

Ergo this group could not possibly  have been fired by my friend Ken from a run-of-the-mill  GI carbine a couple of months ago,  five  shots at some 35 yards, standing, leaning on a tractor tire,  on a cold day.

The aiming mark  is 1 3/4 inches. The group measures 5/8.  I don't know the ammo, but we usually grab a handful from which ever can is closest. 

I would claim this target as my own, but sometimes Ken reads this crap.


Anonymous said...

If I did not miss your sarcasm, I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the group. Back in another life, I was the armorer-articifer in an infantry battalion headquarters company. As such, it was my unpleasant duty to fire every weapon in our inventory. Yeah. Anyway, some of the M-1 carbines couldn't hold a group in a bushel basket, while some were quite accurate. No explanation. JAGSC

Jim said...

Me? Sarcastic? Perish the very thought.

I love my carbine, full flat-bolt Winchester, inside and out, but I doubt I could hold a candle to that group. I probably ought to try one of tthese days. I can't remember ever shooting it at paper.

You have my gratitude for your arduous military duties. :)