May 24, 2010

Overheard in an Iowa Gander Mountain on the Mississippi

Me: (Places a box of box of  9mm Luger blasting ammo -- $14.99 --  and a $20 bill on the counter.)

She: Your zip code?

Me: You don't need to know that.

She: Yes I do. (Pause) Oh, I need to know if you live in Iowa or Illinois.

Me. Why?

She: Because if you live in Illinois I can't sell you bullets. You live in Iowa or Illinois?

Me: I do not live in Illinois. (This was wretched expedience over principles. I wanted the rounds  and I wanted to get on the road pronto. Mea clupa.)

She: (Gives her customer a glare of pure hatred,  picks up the twenty and rings the sale. Bags the "bullets" and forces a thin kyu through her painted lips. )


Supposing I had told this twit that I was on my way home to Staten Island?

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