Jul 12, 2010

Colt Gun Pron

Breda doesn't even know I owe her a favor. She needed a few rounds of semi-oddball ammunition. I pawed through one of my junk boxes to see if I could help (couldn't, really)  and stumbled across a set of as-new walnut  "target" grips for the recently acquired Colt Huntsman.  They're the kind of quality guys like Gil Hebard used to sell.

I didn't know I had them, and if I had not been mining  .38 SW rounds it might have been months or years before I tripped over the grips.

They look and feel right, so I'll leave them on for shooting. The  plastic originals get cached  against the unlikely chance I'll want to sell or swap her to a Colt collector. Those guys are daffy for ponies.



Joel said...

That's purdy, right there.

I always like the Woodsman. I once had an H&R (name subject to faulty memory) that was similar in design and it worked just fine, but I always wanted the Colt.

WV= millitia. Heh-spelled it wrong.

JohnW said...

Don't do anything rash with the Thirty-eight Short & Weak; it so happens that I have a Webley that eats it.

NotClauswitz said...

Nice wood on the Woody!

Jim said...

Yep, purdy in Walnut. (And i guess I'm a bit pony-daffy myself.)

The .38 Shrimp and Wimp loads are yours for the asking, John. Anybody with a gun that ugly shouldn't have to pay for its ammunition.