Jul 8, 2010

Proving the case for shall-issue laws:

In a county near me the sheriff just loved a citizen named Paul Dorr  as long as Paul was spending his idle time protesting abortion clinics. In those days, Sheriff Douglas Weber gave Mr. Dorr his CCW every year. No problem.

But then  Mr. Dorr joined a group questioning  county spending and suddenly Weber decided  Mr. Door  had lost all of those qualities of intelligence, judgment, discretion, etc. that made him such a good CCW risk in the past,

Enter  U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett. He smelled a rat and ordered it --no, wait --  ordered the Osceola County sheriff to issue the permit.

But the tastiest morsel in the judge's order tells the sherf he must take a college level class on the U.S. Constitution.

This suggests some personnel actions. Sherf Weber should be reassigned as a school crossing guard. Judge Bennett would look handsome in the robs of a Supreme Court justice,  way better than wazzername.

The AP gave Weber a chance to tell his side of the tale, but he decided to keep still. I think I would too.

EDIT AND UPDATE:  This case has wider implications than we thought. A more complete report makes it clear the federal judge raked Sheriff Weber for depriving Mr. Dorr of his Second Amendment rights because he objected to Dorr exercising his First Amendment rights. And for being considered "weird" by some members sof the community.  Maybe this one will become famous as the Great Iowa Right to be Weird Decision. 

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