Aug 17, 2010

The Lethal Leaden Stash

(That's the book John D. never got around to writing.)

The pot has been hot off and on for two days, and a couple buckets of wheel weights are now potential lethality. This pile is the last of about 120 one-pound ingots produced in time swiped from catching up on mowing and trimming after the two solid weeks of rain.

Combined with the pre-existing inventory, this new batch represents enough processed metal to take care the bullet needs around here for years, so  I can stop being a  foundry monkey. It is well worth the effort, but it is unpleasant work. Actual bullet making is more fun.

The WW mix is laced with linotype and 50/50 bar solder to  approximate Lyman No. 2 alloy.

The first few bullets cast from it look pretty good; they're 230-grain RNs  from a Lee mold and some Lyman 200-grain SWCs that I've always liked.

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TJP said...

I bow before the man who is the master of the Great Silver Peril. The EPA says it is the root of all evil!