Aug 18, 2010

Quick Take on the Zombie Threat

I am not sure we do our libertarian selves a great favor in perpetuating and laboring the Zombie metaphor. If and when TSHTF,  the enemy will be healthy and well-dressed hordes (three regiments per horde) of  lively anti-Constitutionalists.

It was fun for a while, like knock-knock jokes.


Joel said...

I've really, truly never understood the zombie thing. I didn't think it was funny when it started, and it has long since achieved a "endure my fingernails as they screeeeech down your blackboard" status in my mind.

Lisa said...

Hey, where'd the last post go?

JohnW said...

You noticed that too, huh?

Jim said...

It was kind of both of you to notice. Thinking it over, I decided it was too too and the kind of thing not many people would believe anyway. In sum, too Oh solo MEEEE oh.

Maybe I'll try to make the same point in a less high-falutin' way.

Lisa said...

Breeeng it baaack. 'Twas a good one.