Oct 5, 2010

Notes from a shut-in

I must have seriously offended the Cosmic Deciders. Lord knows I try to be good. The list of repairs, improvement,  mowing, preparations for winter, and general titivation of Camp J would do credit to a man half my age. So what thanks do I get? A case of flu-like crud whose demand for Kleenex requires a re-thinking of the month's budget.

Yesterday, at 2 p.m.,  I was exercising the chain saw and splitting maul on a pile of ash and elm, smugly congratulating myself for a good start  on the 2011-2012 home heating needs. At 2:30 p.m.I was crapped out on the  couch, the teevee on, moaning about a sandpaper throat, sinuses overloaded with weapons grade mucus, the bodily strength of a bunny, and a four-aspirin headache.

It's mildly better this morning,  but I have a legal case against The Council of the Fates. Surely a proscription is written somewhere against imposing this sort of dysfunction during the most glorious week any October could could be expected to produce.


Lisa said...

Oh, man. That is truly worth railing at the gods. Take care of yourself.

JohnW said...

Fluids. Preferably alcoholic.

Hilary said...

Raw garlic. I'm tellin' ya.