Oct 3, 2010

What if they gave a health care and nobody came?

Actually, they did.

The Central Planners appropriated $5 billion for this part of Obamacare -- insurance for the allegedly uninsurable -- but so few have signed up that they can't seem to spend it all. (But mark me down as one who believes They  will find a way.)

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TJP said...

The people who actually need it are too busy trying to cope to tolerate hours of waiting at some government office. (Hours of operation: 10am to 3pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.) The people who will snatch it up are those who don't need it--but hey, free stuff!

It is not possible to more effectively rule on high from the ivory tower that it is for people in the community--who know the needy--to provide support. If for some reason the community consists of millions packed into government housing, then they should stop gerrymandering through real estate. And just in case some central planner thinks it's an accountability issue: accountability is expensive.