Oct 13, 2010

Pretty up the veggies, Tom. Chad and Carol are still eyeballing the fries.

This is petty theft compared to what feds have proven themselves capable of, but I suppose some people still think $2 million is a respectable piece of money.

For a lot less, I would have explained to the Potomac Yokels  -- led by Tom Vilsack in this case -- that it won't work. The kids are smarter than the  psychologists, and if they have a taste for a cheeseburger, you are not going to feed them a kumquat, no matter how pretty the  basket.

I know there's a Constitutional requirement that caring Intellectuals in Washington supervise the luncheon habits of the middle school in Nazareth, Arkansas.  I just can't  think of it at the moment.


Tom Vilsack? He got to be Secretary of Agriculture because he was Iowa  governor and did not make a stink about  Obama's Illinois supporters slipping across the Mississippi and packing the 2008  Iowa caucuses.

He got be governor because the Democrats needed a sacrificial lamb to run against Jim Ross Lightfoot in 1998.  Lightfoot was unbeatable prior to taking the campaign advice of the Iowa Republican Party. Vilsack became the first Democrat elected Hawkeye governor in 30 years.


It's a nice day and I gotta go paint, but I think you are entitled to one more fact about Secretary Vilsack's authority to run American Agriculture and superintend the National Diet.  You see, prior to whipping Lightfoot, he was mayor of Mount Pleasant  where he hardly ever failed to raise a very nice tomato plant in a five-gallon bucket on the deck. I mean, almost every year, unless his wife forgot to water it or something.

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