Nov 10, 2010

Flash! Iowa Lawmen Decide to Obey Law on CCW Permits

Even the sheriffs who don't like the new shall-issue law have agreed to comply with it, according the the Newspaper All Iowa Used to Depend On. 

The laugh here probably results more from the journalistic emphasis than from the sheriffs themselves.

The Headline:

Iowa sheriffs will issue new gun permits despite worries about consequences, association says.

No shit Sam Spade?


Despite the sniff of reportorial disapproval, it is not a terribly bad explanation of the law that goes into effect in January.

Jennifer does seem to get a little damp because sheriffs can deny permits for a "short" list of state and federal disqualifiers. If she wants to have a beer with me, I'll be glad to explain why the list of things that cancel Constitutionally recognized  rights is supposed to be short.

In fact, it probably isn't short enough.

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Firehand said...

Alternate wording: "Sheriffs Agree To Obey The Law"