Nov 11, 2010

George Will at the Cato Institute

Just go read it.

EDIT: The link takes you to "The Smallest Minority." Scroll down a few entries to those for Nov. 5.  It is  a transcript of the podcast. (And, by the way, welcome, TSM, to my little blog roll.)

Sample: "(James) Madison said rights pre-exist government.  (President Woodrow) Wilson said government exists to dispense whatever agenda of rights suits its fancy, and to annihilate, regulate or attenuate or dilute those others. Madison said the rights we are owed are those that are necessary for the individual pursuit of happiness. Wilson and the progressives said the rights you deserve are those that will deliver material happiness to you and spare you the strain and terror of striving." (Emphasis mine.)


Joel said...

bad link? It just keeps taking me to TSM.

Jim said...

I handled this awkwardly. TSM posted a transcript of Will's Cato speech podcast. Just go back to TSM and scroll down to the Nov. 5 entries.

Sorry for not making this clearer in teh fist place.

Kevin said...

Here's the link directly to the proper post.

Glad you liked it!