Nov 4, 2010

Horse WHAT?

This English guy walks under a conker tree.  A nut falls and conks his head.

Being English, he seeks the assistance of the Authorities. Being English Authorities, they leap into action.

The notice put on the tree in the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, reads: "Beware. Falling Conkers. Please proceed with care."

One resident -- a 77-year-old woman who presumably remembers Britain as a nation rather than a theme park -- ridiculed the Elected Few. The council huffed back that it was simply responding to the legitimate complaint of a concerned conked citizen. 

The final paragraph of  another report says of the village:"Tourism is also a major part of the economy, plus local government.

No doubt.
Conker? That's English for the perilous horse chestnut.


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