Nov 4, 2010

Raise a glass to Roberta X this morning for,  among other things, her reminder that we still  live with Kelo.  You'll recall that SCOTUS decision allowing governments to snatch your home or other  property for a "public purpose."

The "public purpose" as defined by the the court includes the desire of a city council to confiscate your home and give it to someone else, like Pfizer.

(Meanwhile, in New London, the Fort Trumbull project has been a dismal failure.  After spending close to 80 million in taxpayer money, there has been no new construction whatsoever and the neighborhood is now a barren field.  In 2009, Pfizer, the lynchpin of the disastrous economic development plan, announced that it was leaving New London for good, just as its tax breaks are set to expire.)  

The European Socialists love that sort thing. It is why their brie and haggis are so tear-stained since Tuesday night, and  Ms. X nicely skewers their sky-is-falling caterwauls at our rejection of His Obamaness as their untouchable  "President of the World."

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DirtCrashr said...

I pray to god that the newly inducted Congresspeeps will yank Gub'mint funding on the insanity of "high speed rail" in CA, because in order to locate those lines and the massive undertaking it will impose - including massive and monstrous and hideous construction to elevate the lines in earthquake country - there will be a LOT of Keloization taking place, and many homes will be devalued permanently, even more than the damage done by the real-estate market bubble.