Nov 2, 2010

Voting AAR

Five Wookies, one Republican of known hairy tendencies,  two Democrats,  and three write-ins in local races. "No" on all judge retentions. "No" on a con-con. "No" on a  very expensive sales-tax hike to hire more bureaucrats to say nice things about "protecting the environment."


Voting around here is a pleasant experience. The level of cordiality and civility makes the campaign  bullshit seem even slimier by comparison.   Folks smile and say, "How ya doin'?" They come closer to meaning it than any  professional pol I ever met.

1 comment:

JohnW said...

The poll workers here are unfailingly cheerful and helpful. Heck, they've never even said a word about my quarter-inch-thick Vicks Vapo-rub moustache...