Dec 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

The smartest people I know carry  their cynicism  openly, like a Peacemaker in a fast-draw rig.  It is the best defense against  a world of questionable sanity and undeniable unkindness.

About this time of year, however, some of us set it aside if random events conspire to evoke the awe of a four-year-old watching Daddy pretending to clean the chimney lest Santa get too sooty.

About midnight the light snow began, windlessly and perfectly, a Bing Crosby dream of the Christmases we wish we had had.  A watery sun will  shortly rise to reveal a fresh two inches of whiteness, a virginal cloak hiding the smudge of earlier snowfalls.

Among other things it moves me to imagine the most romantic kind of Currier and Ives winter print, with a sleigh of toys for apple-cheeked children and the makings of a feast. I send it to you with a hand-written "Merry Christmas."


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Lisa said...

Fresh, white Christmas snow works miracles.