Dec 25, 2010

Christmas dispensation

--In Iraq, a  father kills his daughter for wanting to be a suicide bomber. (H/T Roberta)

--Iowa Area Education Agency bigwumps use your tax money to create a private subsidiary which is apparently making money for someone through bid-rigging and  other fiscal peccadilloes.

--A Pakistani father doesn't kill his daughter for wanting to be a suicide bomber, and she blows up 40-some folks.

--Congress won't pass cap and trade, so the EPA says it will do it, or something very like it, by decree.

--French officials are congratulating themselves for finding most of their jetliners in the Orly drifts and persuading America to ship them some de-icing fluid, which they forgot to re-order.

--Italian thugs (calling themselves anarchists) bomb some embassies.

--Et al. Just another Yuletide season.

But I revert to my childhood training. On Christmas, don't worry, be happy, love everybody.

Time enough to nail the poor, misunderstood, miscreants next week.

(Edit: Correcting an error in the second paragraph. The probabable thugs are not from the community colleges in this case. They're from the AEAS which were established to improve publek skuls by adding a layer of bureaucracy to vital process of tossing your money around.)

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