Dec 26, 2010

My most obnoxious personal geekery begins on Boxing Day, the countdown to that glorious date when wearing socks is an option.

At these coordinates we have 20 days until the average daily high begins rising -- from 21 to 22.  This is my personal favorite; my Six has just been told extraction Hueys are on the way.

In  59 days, on Feb. 22, the average daily high reaches the freezing point.

And in just 79 days the daily mean exceeds 32. Three days later, on St. Patrick's Day, we plant our potatoes. On average. :)


Tam said...

Don't you be jinxin' us now.

Jim said...

C'mon, Tam. I once frequented the Pearl of the Sub-Tropics now known as Indianapois. You guys should be polishing your water skis, what with highs in the upper 40s before the weekend.