Dec 26, 2010

A rasher of dumb

In case you're wondering why your pig fat laced with microscopic meat slivers costs upwards of four bucks a pound lately, most of the answer is here:

The (U.S. Energy Information) agency said 4.8 billion bushels of this year's 12 billion to 13 billion bushel corn crop will be needed to satisfy ethanol demand.

The word "demand" is a fraudulent use of language unless you think a political bribe  to Monsanto and the Farm Bureau constitutes "demand."

The reporter seems doubly joyful that the 48-cent to one-dollar per gallon subsidies on ethanol and biodiesel  have been renewed. The agrithugs get richer.

The rest of the four-buck bacon price is due to a Bernanke/Geithner /Obama trick with disabling the governor on the currency engine.


Possibly, just possibly, some one from the depths of Pelosi land will stumble across this and go "Huh?" It's like this, Sunshine. Bacon comes from hogs. Hogs  eat corn.

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