Dec 5, 2010

Loophole AAR

I shillied and shallied and came home only a few small-denomination Federal Reserve Promises lighter.  The headline buy was a vintage Pacific case trimmer.

I know I mentioned wanting another .38/.357 shooter, but I got emotionally involved instead with  a pretty  $900 SW 25 in .45 Colt. I made no long-term commitment, though a return to re-fondle and re-consider is not totally out of the question.

(Is Providence telling me to quit fiddling with minor calibers? )

To make my fellow WW2 arms fans feel better -- if you bought yours long enough ago --  the offerings were limited to one so-so 1911A1, a Remington Rand at $2,200.  No Garands. No Carbines.

Savage 99 prices caught my eye. There were several, about $800 to about $1,900, the latter for an 80 percenter in .250.


If I do go back, I'll  try to come home with, at least,  the ratty Mossberg 144LSA, one of the more underrated  target .22s.  The price is too high, $150, but maybe I can negotiate well enough to make a refurbishing worthwhile.

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