Dec 5, 2010

Tamara and the Sailor

When Tam graces a fellow's thoughts  with a link and  kind words , the readership curve goes vertical, and I like to browse through the site meter to see where some of these new readers are.

I was especially taken with a hit from UTC + 3, which is the sand box, The origin was a net openly identified with the United States Navy, and I picture a tired sailor in a dim compartment,  braced in his work chair against the chop of a shallow sea, taking a moment to look in on the rest of the world and divert his mind from  the dreariness of a sea warrior's environment.

Which, as older guys say too often, takes me back.  Years ago I spent most of Advent aboard a pitching little ship on an Asian sea and Christmas itself among throngs of people speaking a strange and chattering tongue, people to whom it was just another day. To  a man -- boy, really -- raised in the  American tradition it was disorienting and disheartening. To be homesick at Christmas is to have a real disease.

And so, Unknown Visitor, I wish you the strength to endure the season in your haze-gray box and an early return to the land of your parents. Merry Christmas, Mate.



KurtP said...

Not to step on the sentiment, which is good.

Just an FYI, the Navy has SeaBees who are building and maintaining forward bases- Corpsmen and Marines are probably on that, too.

Jim said...

Oh yes, and I of course wish them well too -- along with all their uniformed brothers and sisters subjected to these wars.

It's just that my personal note comes from the personal perspective of a white hat afloat.

Thanks for the comment.


KurtP said...

I was one of those SeaBees- in an earlier time,,,

WV= boati