Dec 8, 2010

Survival things

Coffee. America is wired on coffee. When the ships stop bringing it, social unrest will escalate.

So the savvy preparer makes room in his secret bunker for a good supply. It is most efficient to hold the instant version. Of course, the effete SHTF survivalist might want keep grounds on hand for personal use, reserving the powder for barter. Two ounces of Folgers "crystals" for a pound of Unique. Take it or leave it, Bub.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

(Next survival exegesis: whiskey.)


DirtCrashr said...

A good survival mechanism goign back to the founders might be molasses - it's the concentrate from which you can make rum! :-)

Jim said...

Excellent point.

Besides, beans are a traditonal survival food, and anyone who thinks beans can be properly baked without a good dollop of molassas is the kind of loopydeloop who would vote for Charlie Schumer.