Jun 13, 2011

Is this the person to whom I AM speaking?

There's one of those memes going around --"How old are you?" One of the questions asks if you have ever used a phone without a dial. Sure, in fact,:

"Numbuh plee-uz?"

"Seven-three-five, please""

"Oh, you want Miss Clooney. She's not home. I just saw her go into Jackson's grocery store. Shall I ring her there?"

"Yes, it's kind of important."


(buzzz  buzzz buzz)


Re-constructed from memory of a tale told by an aunt.


ranamacar said...

Not quite that old, but we did have a party-line phone when I was a kid. one long ring followed by two short ones meant it was for our house.
Remember my brother cussing out one of the nosey old ladies who liked to listen in on every call (all of the phones would ring). Mom was half-hearted in her discipline for that one.

Jim said...

I was born to a slightly more modern system myself. Somehow I still recall a telephone number from about my fifth year -- Walnut 2430 -- but I lived in the metropolis of Fort Dodge.

The aunt who told the tale lived in Lehigh.