Jun 14, 2011

Ron Paul

I never intended this blog to hump for a candidate, but I think I'll make an exception.

Last night at St. Anselm's, Paul set himself apart. He said the American misery of 2011 is the logical result of 70 years of debasing the currency. He said the  current crisis was predictable and certainly meant that it was predictable at any moment of the seven-decade runup to Weimar.

He also said the solution to the housing crises is to quit calling it a crisis.  He said government should butt out and let home values fall to their actual worth, at which point they would find buyers and thus erase the market hangover of a million-plus "lender-owned" houses.

He said other things meant to engage the intellect of voters so equipped.

Too few, of course.

Don Quixote


Tam said...

You know things are off the rails when the crazy people are the only ones talking sense.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Well, I was gonna say that your signature on this post says it all. Then I read Tam's comment.