Jun 28, 2011

Maybe she really does produce bat guano

Michelle was in Waterloo yesterday to announce she really and officially wants to be president of these 57 great states.

In presenting her qualifications, she allowed she was proud to be Waterloo-born,  just like John Wayne.

Ooops. She was perhaps thinking of John Wayne Gacy, who lived there for a while. The other one, the one who wore Stetsons and shot movie Indians, was born in Winterset, about 130 miles away.

"Hello Pentagon. This is President Bachmann, and I want you to bomb Ireland. No, wait, I mean Iceland ... errr, Iraq. Wait a minute.  We already bombed Iraq, I think. It's Iran. Yes. Iran. Bomb them."


JohnW said...


Tam said...


Damn the way the media spun things to make it look like she'd voted to re-authorize the PATRIOT Act!

You and I know that's not true, because she's a small-government conservative, just like George Bush!

JohnW said...

Yea, well, the bridge of my nose has always been sore from my glasses, and now my nostrils are beginning to chafe from being pinched together, and its only June of Ought-eleven. Apparently my only hope is that the quaint rustics of Iowa pause cleaning the cowflop off their clod-busters long enough to find someone Totally Pure before they go back to tatting their antimacassars.
I wait in dread.

Jim said...


Janet Napolitino.

JohnW said...

Oooh, that HURT! On the bright side:
1. I never voted for her, and
2. she kept Terry Goddard from becoming governor. (Don't ask.)