Jun 20, 2011

Pretty Horses

... but they don't come with the property.

The post is motivated mostly by Stranded who has recently found his land, an idyllic spot with timber, a stocked pond. and room to shoot.

I'm still looking for a detached annex to Camp J.  I already have fish and timber, but the neighbors would probably bitch if I set up a shooting range or if I decided to take my morning coffee on the deck in my delicate things.

This one is nice, but the odds of actual purchase are about 69-1 against.  It's 100 miles too far away, near the land of my extreme youth.  If it were closer, I would be in city clothes right now,  negotiating with the real-estate doowops.


The horses remind me of some survivalism matters. I've previously unloaded my opinion that the best bugout bag is one you can live in and roam on. But if some  extended social upheaval required me to take to the hills,  I'd want a sturdy gelding  and a pack mule far more than I'd want a Land Rover. For one thing, they're more fun to talk to. For another, they don't strand you with an empty tank . For still another,  they rarely fail from a blown digital whazis.


Joel said...

Alas, no. They fail from fatigue, thrown shoes, pulled muscles, digestive problems, insufficient water, irrational fears, foul tempers...

Seriously. If you have to actually get somewhere, trucks are better. They go farther on a fill-up, and don't demand a vote on every little thing.

Jim said...


I just knew you would have something to say about this.

And this is from one old shit-shoveler to another. At Winklemann Pony Farms, a kid could trade shoveling for riding time.

strandediniowa said...

Ooo, that would be a nice place. But the distance would be the deal breaker. I was looking at pasture ground in Lucas county for no good reason and was tempted because of the price.

For the record, I don't have much of a timber stand. Almost all of the trees are in the 3-6 foot range. Some in need of transplanting this year or next.

I'm thinking of adding some sheep if I can't find a decent tractor and mower soon.