Jun 19, 2011

Sarah Palin note

The media orgasm over Michelle Bachmann's debate performance at St. Anselm's  has made Sarah a little less likely to run. After all, how many ammo girls can one campaign support?

(Michelle didn't stimulate my base instincts. Far as I could tell all she did was avoid having George Washington free the slaves.)

When Perry finally stops being coy, his official presence will add another challenge to any thoughts Palin might have of running.

But she remains on the list of caucus possibles. This woman is a genius at keeping her name recognition at a Paris Hilton level, and I think she harbors a secret dream.

The GOP caucuses and primaries run their course and result in political chaos, leading to an actively contested 2012 Republican National Convention. She emerges    as the compromise nominee. Then she goes to Alaska to shoot a moose and look at Russia.


Joel said...

It's not that secret. And given the pathetic (and obscure) nature of most of the current GOP wanna-bes, maybe it's not that unrealistic.

I'm preparing my mind for Obama till 2016. I do wonder why the GOP does this to itself time after time - they can only win one after the Dems achieve total bad prez fatigue. Given how much indigestion Palin gives the MSM, and how squeaky clean she appears to be in light of the email debacle, the Repubs would be well advised to hail her as their savior. Instead they'll shiv her if she tries for the nomination and run the usual "it's my turn" idiot that nobody knows or wants. Who'll lose pathetically, giving Obama a "mandate." Hilarity will not ensue.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty good column in this morning's Houston Chronicle about Sarah playing the media like a cheap violin. JAGSC