Jun 19, 2011

Ooooh! We got Rick! -- Iowa Caucuses 2012

Poor Texas. For years it has had Perry all to itself. Now it has to share.

The Texas governor played the beg-me game to perfection, and it probably didn't hurt  that even the GOP establishment -- a group ordinarily immune to embarrassment -- was retching at the candidate crop.

Now, Rick hasn't made it final. His designated spokesfella says he has to send his legislature home, then think about it some more, then go have the healers fix his back a little. Then maybe he'll come and talk to us about hogs and corn and moral purity. Probably he wants us to beg just a little more. 

He began political life as a Democrat. Then, Glory, Glory He Saw The Light and/or Hired a Better Pollster

Since joining the GOP he's been a mixed bag but, in general, just one of your mill-run neocons. Rick will sometimes recognize your pockets are not bottomless,  but he's even more anxious to announce what should be legal and what must be proscribed on and under your bedroom percale.

He finds it worth noting in his Wiki entry that he was an Aggie Yell Leader. Other universities might have called him a cheer leader, but, y'know, Texans are different.

(Personally, and this is just an aside, I've wondered  at this business of male morale boosters on the sidelines.  There are other possibilities, but maybe A and M doesn't have enough coeds with ammo-girl legs. Or maybe they're limiting their T and A  display in order to broaden football demographics down there and  attract more ladies to the sport. )

But back to Rick's intellectual and political qualifications, also from his Wiki piece is this about his college years:

"He interned with the Southern Company during the summer time as a door to door book salesman where he honed his communication skills."

This makes my day so much brighter.


Your  vital guide to the candidates courting  Iowa indigenous personnel has been updated. It also requires a slight modification to reflect that some of them say they won't woo us. Don't take that too literally. It really means that they'll show up at our door with fake flowers and a box of WalMart chocolates. Cheapskates.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you with your AP background for not researching Texas A&M's history of all male yell leaders. Up until the fall semester of 1963, we were an all male college, with a heavy emphasis on the military. In fact, we supplied more officers during WWII than any other institution, including the military acadamies. So, we didn't have no steenin' girls prancing around. JAGSC TAMC '57 & '62.

Jim said...

Surely some Townie girls could have been recruited. :)

Anonymous said...

They were standing in line--just like they were at West Point, Annapolis, VIM and The Citadel. Pushy women. JAGSC