Sep 6, 2011

Hey, for a little extra we'll make your new pistol work...

Trying to separate you from your last dollar is not an ambition exclusive to government, and ToddG bench strips one of the private-enterprise schemes

The gist is  that a $700+ handgun (the Sig Classic) ought to work fine right out of the shipping carton, without need for a $200  "action enhancement package" by the same company that sold it to you in the first place. But you should read the whole thing.


The comments include a bit about a personal tic, ramp polishing. I routinely do it to virtually every semi I acquire. Sometimes it's unnecessary, but sometimes it improves feed reliability. It isn't something you need to pay a gunsmith for if you're adept enough to strip the pistol and self-disciplined enough to live by the Two Great Rules.

(1) Remove metal by the depth of only one atom and (2) changing any angle by more than one-fiftieth of one degree is an official screwup.

The goal is to smooth the cartridge/weapon bearing surfaces, not to second-guess the engineer who designed it. We're not fixing a design flaw. We're rectifying manufacturing processes dictated by company accountants.

I use an appropriately sized dowel and crocus cloth or a felt wheel chucked in a Dremel and loaded with jewler's rouge.  (Dremel grinding wheels and coarse abrasives should be locked away until the job is done.)

H/T Tam

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