Sep 21, 2011

Why we're broke -- bonus report

Iowa education bureaucrats are in the midst of their annual back-to-school group whine about needing more tax money. They want a 7 per cent boost to maintain educational "quality" at the three state universities.

Meanwhile, down at Iowa State, quality is also on their minds. Prexy needs new downstairs carpet in his prexial mansion. Not just any carpet  mind you. His feet must touch nothing less than the finest wool from superior sheep. The tab is $90,000 from foundation funds usually thought of as a source of scholarship money.

But it's all okay because image is involved here. We sure as Hell wouldn't want to be throught of as a bunch of trailer trash hicks with plain old nylon rugs.

"(Regent Bruce) Rastetter said, “And I think we all know, and having been to events, that the residence of the presidents of the university are really important in terms of fundraising, in terms of highlighting student scholarship, in terms of dignitaries and people that come here, that’s one of their first images of the university.”

If that doesn't tell you most of what you need to know about the shallow-brain dimwittery involved in running our public schools I'll kiss you arse under the campanile and give you leave to invite the entire membership of the AAUP. 

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