Sep 21, 2011

Why we're broke

Give your favorite U.S. Department of Justce bureaucrat a cookie, but not just any cookie. His taste has become too refined for Kraft and Keebler's.

Nothing less than than a $10 cookie will do. At least as long as you're paying. Muffins are a little higher for Holder's Horrors. They're  about $16. Coffee to wash  it all down comes to about 8 bucks a cup.

All told, Justice spent about $121 million on  posh "conferences" in 08-09. Those were Bush years, but auditors say the guys and gals are still satisfying their sweet teeth at a half-buck or so per empty calorie.

Which brings us to the Obama plan to soak millionaires. If he gets his way we first find 121 dudes earning one million per year and take it all, every penny. That will cover the  top cops' cookies and muffins, so we'll be well on our way to meaningful fiscal reform.

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