Sep 14, 2011

Why We're Broke: The Prick Factor

Next time you write a check to your government, rest assured part of it will support pricks. You knew that of course, but confirmation is always nice.

The University of Iowa gouges Iowans mostly, but , like the others, it wins its share of federal pork, and the art department is spending to display daintily  decorated casts of John Holmes pork. 

Standard disclaimer: I don't think artists, however untalanted or merely twee, should be censored.  I just object to being ordered to support them.

The display is titled The John Holmes Prick Parade,  and, to be fair, a university flack says they put up a sign at the door warning that you might want to think twice before taking the kiddies in.

U of I spokesman Tom Moore said ... the university has guidelines about what is deemed tasteful and appropriate for its art students to produce, and this project falls within those guidelines. “There is no attempt to censor an artist as long as they meet those guidelines,” he said.

May life spare me the experience of having to view -- much less pay for -- art which fails the University of Iowa's high standards of taste.

The lady who who created this tasteful exhibition said she saw an original casting of the Holmes Memorial  and got to thinking about how a body parts come to commodities. Apparently she hasn't taken biology yet or she would have understood that the life sciences confirmed ages ago that, yep, male members are ubiquitous enough to be  to be called commodities; they come one to a customer and, if demographers are to be believed, are rather widely shared with The Others.


I know.This is low-hanging fruit and I should be ashamed of myself.

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Joel said...

I know.This is low-hanging fruit and I should be ashamed of myself.


Also - there's a John Holmes Memorial?