Oct 14, 2011

Because the judge said I can, that's why (with gun porn)

A district court judge has cleared me to own a pistol.

Naaah. I'm not in the system. His Honor is overseeing an estate and has yes/no authority over the selling price of an adequate little pest control device made by Smith and Wesson in the 80s. I petitioned for a 10 per cent reduction in the reasonable asking price, and a writ of acceptance was issued.

It's the minty stainless steel spawn of the Model 59 concept, and after inspecting it I conclude Dan Wesson's descendants learned something about making DA semi-autos (only) after issuing the 59.

Besides, it's in a more noble caliber. Besides again, the magazine holds just eight rounds, so maybe Senator Boxer will start returning my calls.

(Sister ship pictured. I collect my 645  tomorrow.)


Guffaw in AZ said...

Very Cool. I traded a 39-2 for a 59 WRONG!
Very cool, and in the correct caliber!

Jim said...

Oh yeah. Correct calibers start with 4, and the subsequent digit must be greater than 4.

There's possible error in the post. As a single-stacker, it may be more correct to cite its ancient forebear as the 39 rather than 59.

I'm looking forward to learning to shoot it.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow wordsmith, semi-retired, it pains me to see such sloppy use of a superlative. There is no such thing as "more perfect". It's either perfect or it ain't. Maybe "nearly perfect" or "not even close", but not "more". JAGSC

Anonymous said...

As I fall on my sword, that should be "more correct". Still a superlative. JAGSC

Jim said...

Oh get up ,Jags. A grown man looks ridiculous cuddling a sabre in the grass.

Least correct: saebire

More correct: sabir

Most correct: sabre


And don't sweat the misread. Like you, I am approaching my mature years and understand that these things hoppin.