Oct 11, 2011

Re-imposing myself on the world:

1. It hurts my head to think of the big story, the U.S. Congress proposing to require China to revalue the yuan to a level we like, so:

2. I take refuge in the weather which requires a small predawn fire but which also makes a stroll around the grounds comfortable in a flannel shirt and Ron Paul gimme cap.  We're short of rain. Otherwise October, 2011, has been as idyllic as an old Disney film.

3.  The head cold has been made tolerable by a lifestyle adjustment. Relating to other humans exaggerates the symptoms. Relating to one's lethal instruments of doom soothes them. That explains some very clean guns in my terrorist vault and also the addition of 197 new rounds of  reloaded .45 ACP (200-grain SWC, 6.x grains of Unique to drive them about 875 fps, peppy but far from max). The remaining chore is to fill the 40 rounds of .45 Colt brass  I discovered. With no big bullets on hand, I'll stuff them with the 200 SWCs and enough something to make them go super-whoosh.

4. A peripheral reloading matter: I'm about out of bullet lube. That makes me wonder how I would go about acquiring the squeezings from Al Sharpton's hair.

5. (Back to 1) -- Could someone please tell the senators that there's a more logical target if they want to get all snitty about currency manipulation? Ben is handier, and, besides, he doesn't yet have his own aircraft carrier.

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