Oct 10, 2011

Still metabolizing

Just to confirm that your TMR author is still alive and in recovery from a trip, a medium-nasty cold, some highly welcome guests, and an uncontrollable urge to spend time in the reloading shack, I pass on this wisdom from local radio. It's  helping the government save us all from fiery doom. Fire Prevention Week, doncha know.

"This year's campaign focuses on preventing the leading cause of home fire--cooking, heating, electrical equipment, candles and smoking materials."

I'm having a helluva time thinking of anything that doesn't cover this side of rubbing two Girl Scouts together. Shows you what happens when government functionaries and reporters decide to "focus."


JohnW said...

Well, thank you very much, now I have a mental image of rubbing two Girl Scouts together. One of us should be ashamed.

Jim said...

You'll get over it, Old Friend. But meanwhile,you might want to stay away from school yards.:)