Oct 7, 2011

Smith & Wesson tries again.

The Grand Old Company puts a happier face on it, but the truth is that S&W can't build fences anyone wants to buy. Seems the gates don't quite close, the posts aren't straight, and the finish wears off the first Thursday after installation.

Sorry. That may not be quite accurate, but a guy who +finally+ made near-new SW 59 work right can be forgiven for the speculation.

Anyway, SW can't make a dime on its "Perimeter Security" business, so it's trying to sell it. The PR department hopes you don't remember its hyperflack of  a couple years ago, promising the new fence business would make you rich if you bought some SWHC.

Last month the company fired the boss by kicking him upstairs to become "vice-chairman of the board of directors. "(Please.  It's impolite to giggle.)

The new boss has been running the firearms end of the business and says SW needs to concentrate on its -- cliche alert --"core competency." Uh huh.

I'll believe they're competent when they bring back the Model 25.

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